What’s Up With Room 5?

Since I began researching the Sandy Hook event there’s always been a nagging voice in the back of my mind saying “what’s up with room 5?” I’ve tried to take the stance as a debunker and refute my claim that there seems to be a mystery surrounding this room, but I haven’t been very successful. It is like a bright green lush tree in the middle of the Sahara desert. A Pandora’s box.

The official story goes like this. Adam Lanza shot through the front window, entered the school. Killed the principal and psychologist while wounding 2 other faculty members in the northeast hallway (to his left). He went into the main office for a second and walked back out. Went right past the deceased principal and psychologist and entered rooms 10 and 8 (they’re not sure of the order) killing 4 more staff members, killing 18 children and wounded 2 who later died en route to the hospital. He then killed himself in room 10. So he was only in.. the lobby, main office, rooms 10 and 8. That’s it. Since this all supposedly happened in all about 6 minutes the idea that he went anywhere else seems pretty illogical. So why does it look like we should be investigating room 5?

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #70

Despite the fact that nothing happened in there, there is EMT gear right outside it’s door. The only other place we see EMT gear is outside room 10, which is to be expected. But wouldn’t EMT gear be outside 10, 8 and maybe room 9 where one of the wounded faculty members retreated to after being shot? not 10 and 5?

Walkley – Scene photos #92

Besides room 12, it was the only room in the northeast hallway with the window to the door fully covered (as you can see in the photo to the right). It was said that (for at least room 12) it was leftover from a drill they had done weeks prior and they hadn’t gotten to taken it down yet. This photo would also be the closest we get to seeing inside room 5 (except for doorknobs).

It was the only room in the northeast hallway that was locked from both the hallway and the interior door connecting Room #3. You can read about this in the scene processing report CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 16. Here’s the part of the story that gets a bit conflicting. (C’mon, we’re talking about Sandy Hook here, as if you didn’t think there’d be a story without any conflictions). Because this room was locked and I assume the teacher never responded to arriving officers, it needed to be breached. As you can see in this photo, they forcibly breached the adjoining door between room 5 and 3. (Please note that the marker says “Rm #3 Int to 5”. This is important).

Gunsalus – Interior doors #66

And it is noted as such in the scene processing report.

CFS 1200704597 00118939 p. 15 “Classroom #3 interior door between classroom #3 and classroom #5 was observed to be forcibly entered to gain access into classroom #5 with the words “Breach” written on the door. Classroom #5 hallway door was locked and not breached.

There’s 2 problems with this statement. One, it appears that the officers that were responsible for clearing this room do not remember ever having to forcibly breach it at all.

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 000199903 p.2 “I then ran back inside and met with TFC Cournoyer and TFC Cipriano. We then went to room #5. Upon entry to this room we found a room of children and their teacher huddled in the coat area of the room.”


CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00011235 p.2 “I assumed the right flank position and cleared the next two rooms (classroom #7 then classroom #5) teachers and children were escorted out of these rooms and sent toward the exit near the lobby.”


CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00093087 p. 1 “We then went into room #5 and cleared the room. TFC Benecchi escorted the teacher and students out of the building to the officers in the parking lot.” 

Maybe they were just focused on the clearing part while giving these statements and forgot to mention that it needed to be breached. Maybe they never saw anyone write breach near the door. Maybe they were the officers in the back of the team and didn’t even see the door get breached. These are all possibilities. However, I have not found any report from the officer(s) that did breach the door or write the word breach anywhere. I have a hard time believing that those guys would forget. Heck, I can’t even find a report of any officer stating he saw a classroom door in that section of the school that had been damaged in any way. 

The second problem is, that while the word “breach” was written, it just wasn’t anywhere near the adjoining door. As you can see in these photos, they wrote it on the wall in the hallway near room 3, not near the adjoining door that was actually breached like the report above said.

walkley81redux                 walkley81zoom

walkley90redux.png                  walkley90zoom

Maybe I’m just being too critical. What difference does it make right? They marked it, that’s all that matters. So what if they got it’s exact location wrong? It’s still between room 3 and 5. I’m just nitpicking. Trying to find a problem where there isn’t one. But am I? At one point in my life I believed that I was going to end up in law enforcement. I even went to college for it. My aim was cold cases. During my education I was taught that officers had to take accountability for their actions in every aspect right down to the comma on their reports. For cold cases, the accuracy on reports are extremely vital. It can mean the difference between solving it or not. Sometimes there isn’t a crime scene to revisit. Witnesses to re-interview. And in some cases there can be a lack of physical evidence to re-examine. If we apply this logic to Sandy Hook, the accuracy on their reports are all we got. There isn’t a crime scene to revisit. There isn’t a lot of physical evidence to re-look and the eyewitnesses seem about as reliable as Trump’s administration. One woman gave a tv interview and stated that she picked her kid up at the fire station and then in the very next sentence stated that he wasn’t there and she left. Witnesses heard pots and pans falling not an AR 15 being shot. Saw a mask when there was just a hat. Saw Adam kick in the door when it swung outward. Plus, every time someone dares to ask a witness anything, they get arrested. So to make any sense of this case we HAVE to rely on their reports and the few unredacted photos and videos we have. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live in a world where we can trust police reports and their accuracy. Anything else would be the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to do. 

Unfortunately finding the eyewitness report from the teacher in room 5 has proven to be elusive. For obvious reasons many of the eyewitnesses chose to have their names redacted. There are a few reports that sounds like it could’ve come from room 5 but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. Definitely don’t recall reading any reports from teachers stating their rooms were forcibly breached. So if anyone reading this can shed some light on this, please do so. I’d greatly appreciate it. 

Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 1 #954

Lastly, based on the crime scene photos, room 5 was the only classroom that got boarded up in the Northeast hallway. While they did board up windows and blocked certain parts of the hallways, we do not see any other classroom door boarded up. So why this one? It did not have a door that led to the outside. It wasn’t apart of the crime scene because nothing happened there. If they were boarding up doors that had to be forcibly breached and could no longer be locked manually, then why would they board this door, if it wasn’t the door they breached?         

It should be noted that the cafeteria door was boarded up like this. So it’s possible that this might not be a clue at all, but given the weirdness surrounding this room it’s worth keeping on the back burner. 

tranq 1 945
Tranquillo – Back-up scene photos 2 #945

 I hope to someday solve the mystery that is room 5. Until then.. I’m just gonna keep on digging. 


You can download all available crime scene photos, reports, audio and video here: 


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