“There’s A Rumor It’s Fake”?

On Police audio you can hear a female dispatcher in the background say something that sounds like “there’s a rumor it’s fake?” (some argue that she could be saying “is there a rumor it’s fake?”) After she states that you can hear a male co-worker tell her to get off the phone. Since this case has been so controversial and by all appearances looks like a badly staged event, this audio clip has been a heated topic, and used by many as an indication that it was indeed fake. But I believe I can explain why she stated this.

But first, I really need to bury the LARGE elephant in the room. 

In the audio you can hear the male co-worker calls her Jen, and this has led to a lot of debunkable speculations of misidentification. The female in the audio is Jennifer Olson and she works for the The Newtown Emergency Communications Center. In the photo below, you can see her (second from left) and her co-worker from the audio Robert Nute (third from left). 

source for photo

However, there are a lot of people who believe she is really Jennifer Sredzinski (photo below) who was found badly beaten and died on August 28, 2014. She worked as a Public Safety Dispatcher with the Southwestern Regional Emergency Communications System. Seeing how she was from Monroe, CT, one can only assume she worked at the one in Monroe but I haven’t been able to verify that as a fact. Either way, not the same person. Her death is interesting and I believe is relative to the Sandy Hook story, just not this one. 

source for photo

Anyways, back to the original topic. So, like I said, you can hear her say something that sounds like “There’s a rumor it’s fake?” (or maybe “is there a rumor it’s fake”) Want to hear if for yourself? You can go here: http://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/ and download the police audio. It’ll be in Exhibit 349. After you’ve unzipped it, it’ll be the first audio file. Play it from 2:22. 

I’m more than positive that it ISN’T a clue that it was fake. C’mon, if it were do you honestly think they’d allow us to hear it? They had to analyze all the audio before any of it was released. Something tells me that if this was a clue, we wouldn’t even know about it. Sure, maybe it happened by sheer incompetence. Someone missed it and it got out. whoops! Maybe it was leaked on purpose. A hidden mole? Both scenarios, despite how incompetent or corrupted these guys seem to be, seems very unlikely. What if there’s another explanation?

while combing through the police reports for the bazillionth time the other day, I found something I hadn’t noticed before. 

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00040403 p.2

An officer asking if it was real or fake? hmm.. So is it possible that they were on the phone with Jennifer and this question confused her? After all, this report does not state what was said exactly in the conversation so perhaps they worded it weird. 

There is however one more argument. Some believe she is saying “Are you in a room? Are you safe?” But I find this unlikely since Nute is asking her to get off the phone.

If only they could come forward and tell us what was really said. But we’re left with just guessing and hoping we’re right. 


Additional sources about Jennifer Sredzinski:

Additional sources about Jennifer Olson:

You can see locations of the Southwestern Regional Emergency Communications System here on page 11: 


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