There is a common belief among those who doubt the Sandy Hook event. That it was a poor, incompetent and noticeable fraud. But I beg to differ. In my eyes, it was genius. The perfect crime. The perfect crime is not one that is committed and never known, but a crime so large and well known that it’s on your evening news for months… or even years (as in this case) but never solvable. The web of this story was so intricately woven, that by all appearances it looks like a large knotted ball of thin thread. No matter how many times I read the reports, stare at the crime scene photos, listen to the audio or watch any kind of footage, I always find something new. If Beckett and Castle were working on this case it’d drive them mad at how large their murder board would become. Everything looks like something and nothing all at the same time, making the task of solving it impossible. No matter what way you slice it, this case will be debated for decades to come. Did it happen? Or didn’t it? There is no longer a crime scene to comb over, no corpses to look at. Not even clothing to analyze or blood to swab… just the word from the officials in corrupt institutions, in a corrupted state who’s narratives all conflict from one another. Their word is nothing more than speculation. Nothing greater or less than the “Conspiratard” (something I have been called many times) at home chatting in the comment sections of Youtube.

In order for us to find even the smallest sliver of truth, There are 3 things that need to happen. First, we must come to terms with the fact that there are many things that don’t makes sense in this story. How did a kid who had such a problem with sound that his mother’s groundskeeper couldn’t even use power tools when Adam was home manage to fire off 150+ rounds from an AR15? Why does there seem to be such a confliction in the time frame in which police got the first call, got to the school and breached the school? Second, we need to acknowledge that the investigation of this event was incompetent at best and tainted. Why did they choose to not do a last 24 on the adult victims despite finding their DNA on ballistic evidence outside the school? Why did they decide to not do any further examinations on the Bushmaster rifle even though they couldn’t match a single bullet to that gun? And third, we must demand an investigation into the investigation itself.. which I believe will reveal many things.. one of which, I believe is that the official story is complete and utter bullshit!

But before we dive into this rabbit hole, I just want to make a few things clear. My purpose is NOT to prove that it happened or didn’t happen. But that we should be demanding an investigation into the investigation. Along with facts of this case, there will be many questions and theories presented. None of which should be construed as me stating them as fact, but as questions and theories to ponder, to research and to be proven or debunked. I want you (the reader) to peer review my work with constructive criticism not with schoolyard bullying or conjecture.

I will piss off many of you. I do not believe the official story nor do I believe that Wolfgang Halbig or James Fetzer (who are at the forefront of the “it didn’t happen” argument) should be taken seriously. I believe they are either not that bright or disinfo agents. Much of their work has been debunked and I do not share their ideology. The school was open (but not given that much care) and for the love of sanity they are not crisis actors!!!! Yes, crisis actors exist. But not in this story (I will get further into details later). And Alex Jones? I find that man so ridiculous that he doesn’t even deserve any more acknowledgment beyond this sentence.

Regardless if it was real or fake, there is one truth we all need to come to terms with. This was NOT a victimless crime. There are children growing up believing they survived this. There are parents believing their children survived this. There are people who’s lives have been forever changed because of this event. And they are the reason why I am so determined to solve it.

3 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. I’m not sure why I can only comment on some articles? But nevertheless, you do some great research, and writing, too. I’m impressed.

    I just finished reading the article titled “Where’s Adam’s Sunglasses…” and it jogged my memory. Do you remember that a couple of reports (00063173 and 00019974) mentioned that they found anAveeno shampoo bottle beneath the front passenger seat? They never photographed it.

    But yet, they photographed a comb on the floor (Farr Vehicle Processing #27 and Meehan Vehicle Processing #17 & 18) behind the driver’s front seat, but never mentioned it.
    Weird, huh?


  2. Hi, I just wanted to say I appreciate the amount of research you have done to compile this blog. I also appreciate that you didn’t go down a rabbit hole involving crisis actors or a school that was “closed”. I personally have done as much independent research as possible since 2013, and I believe the event happened MORE OR LESS as described. Obviously there many items that are misconstrued or incorrect, such as the order Adam entered Rooms 10 and 8, for example. Nevertheless, I liked having my memory refreshed while perusing your site. All the best


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